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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently do you update your dataset?
Once every 6-8 months. Our next update is in Jul 2023.

Where are your sources of data?
We do not reveal our sources, but do note that our data is as reliable as other publicly available sources.

The database is password protected. Where can I find the password?
Upon purchase, a Thank You email with the password is automatically sent to you. 

What happens if I find errors in your data?
We constantly strive to make our products better, and welcome our customers to join us in making this even better. Do write to us if you find errors so we may improve the product further. Thanks in advance!

What format does your dataset come in?
Microsoft Excel format (.XLSX) . Data can be converted into CSV or XML if required.

How can I buy your dataset?
You can purchase online on our website by clicking the white button that says "Buy Now".

What payment options do you provide?
We accept PayPal and Credit Card, which are accessible when you click the "Buy Now!" button.

Do you provide invoicing?
Yes, upon request. A digital invoice is also provided once purchase has been made.

​Do you provide subscription services?
Not at the moment.

What currency do you accept?
Because our hosting gateway only allows US$ acceptance, hence all prices on our platform are listed in US$. The prices given are not in Singapore dollars, and neither do we accept this currency at this time.


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